Why Use Purosphere:

    • Purosphere is focused on bringing eco-friendly, sustainable, green, state of the art technology while saving our clients money.
    • We offer products that are environmentally safe, and registered by the EPA and FDA.

    Purosphere’s flagship offering is Ultra-Pure Chlorine dioxide.

    Useful in a number of applications:

    • Healthcare sanitation
    • Fitness Facility Sanitation
    • Food Processing
    • Horticulture/Agricultural water and processing line sanitation
    • Marine/Boating industry for odor control, water tank sanitation and general disinfection

    How is it so versatile?
    It acts as a powerful oxidizer, and is able to neutralize a wide variety of microbial threats.  With it’s eco-friendly, safe application method, and small particle size it is able to get into cracks and crevices and maintain potency.

    Chlorine Dioxide:

      • Eliminates All Odors
      • Eliminates All Mold & Mildew
      • 99.9999% Reduction of Bacteria

      Chlorine Dioxide is Effective Against:

        • Germs
        • MRSA
        • Bacteria
        • Viruses
        • Fungus
        • Spores
        • Biofilm and more….